Top Melbourne “madam” releases her autobiography to share her memories


This page-turning tale stretches across continents in search of love and happiness, later to be discovered in the most unlikely of places – a classy Melbourne brothel

An extraordinary narrative set in the background of old-world China and travelling into 21st Century global landscapes, has just been released by Lily Yang, an Australian social commentator of Chinese origin who shares her gripping tale of love, self-value and perseverance.

This is a book memorable for its fascinating cultural elements, like the progression of Chinese values since the Cultural Revolution from a personal viewpoint and its ancient traditions from a personal viewpoint, to her life in modern-day Western society – all of which is told with exquisite attention to detail.

According to Ms Yang, the autobiography contains elements of her life that offers surprise, laughter and tears as she recounts her personal life journey, complete with misadventure, virtual imprisonment, and challenges, that demonstrate the true strength of the human spirit.

“I first decided to create the book, “Take Memories, Leave Footprints”, when I realised I have such fond recollections of my life thus far, that I would like to share. I genuinely hope the result is entertaining and inspiring in some way” she said.

Today, Ms Yang is the Madam of the high-profile Melbourne brothel, The Cherry Tree Garden. She shares life goals, daily drama, fashion and beauty tips as well as a fragrant cup of tea with the sensuous girls who work there.

“Unfortunately, like any industry, there is an ugly side to ours of course, but rather than debating morals and values of sex-work, I prefer to share my own beliefs in sexual expression and powerful self-value. This is something we all have the right to enjoy,” she said.

With this in mind, Ms Yang shares her (often pioneering) commentary via her blog and through selected media outlets. She also addresses the heinous problem of sex trafficking through commentary and direct financial assistance through her charity work.

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