What’s so bad about brothels?


Very few establishments are tarnished with a negative reputation and are forced to operate in the shadows of society, even if they’re legal. One of these is a brothel. Personally, I don’t really understand why our establishments deserve the public scorn, since we’re really just another business. You may throw tales of deceit and sex addiction at us, but this is rarely what we encounter. Please allow me the opportunity to tell you a different story – something which I encounter much more frequently. However, most importantly, please note that all names and case studies offered below are entirely fictional. There are some elements based loosely on real situations, but because we’re in the business of privacy, we won’t disclose anything which could identify any guest, past and present, at The Cherry Tree Garden.

It’s late on Saturday night, when day becomes night. With a smile, I greet Martin who visits a couple of times a month. I know that Martin doesn’t really like to chat, so I quickly call Suzie over and she guides Martin to his favourite room. Martin feels comfortable with Suzie – I have never seen him select a different lady here. For most of the hour he’s paid for, they simply cuddle one another because Martin yearns for human contact. Martin is close to 40 but has never had a girlfriend or wife, or even had a casual sexual encounter. He’s too shy to even approach women. But since he has been visiting The Cherry Tree Garden, he’s starting to feel more comfortable around women.

Later that same night, Bill visits us. Bill is very likeable. He has a lot to talk about every time he comes. A few of us gather to listen to the story of his recent trip to the supermarket – we understand it’s important to him that he’s heard, as not many other people in his solitary life would listen. A few other customers come and go before Bill does – but we know that the lady he takes in the end isn’t the important thing to him. As he eventually takes Gina’s hand, because she happens to be free at the time he’s ready, I notice for the first time that Bill is wearing his shirt back to front today. I smile confidently, knowing that Gina will gently help him dress properly afterwards. Bill is single and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. When things are going well for him, we see him quite frequently. When he’s not doing so well, he doesn’t visit at all. We’re always very pleased to see Bill and listen to his stories, however far-fetched they may be.

Tim is softly-spoken and he tends to only have one topic of discussion, which he will tell to anyone who will listen. Well, two really. His cars (he’s a mechanic), and his family. He loves his wife and little boy more than anything, and he tells us they often spend precious time together. From what Tim says about his wife, she’s a beautiful person and he’s so proud to be her husband. Tim mentioned once that, sadly, his wife suffers from post-natal depression. One of the symptoms is lack of libido. Tim is supporting her through her illness and we know he would never consider having an affair. When he’s with one of our ladies here, he hardly looks at her because he’s thinking of his wife. Afterwards, there are no lingering moments, gentle cuddles or breathy promises for next time – Tim leaves as quietly as he arrived, no doubt immediately back to his wife and son to enjoy more precious moments together.

A customer who stands out in my mind is Jim. Jim often arrives with chocolates for all the girls to share. Although that’s not why I’m telling you about him. Jim gets around in a wheelchair. He’s a young man and wants to understand more about how his body works. He and the lucky lady he selects have a lot of fun exploring and laughing. Jim recently told us that he’s met a young lady through some friends who he would like to ask out on a date. If all goes well, we won’t see Jim anymore, and that’s more than ok.

Of course, most guests don’t share their story with us, or their why. They arrive and leave, and for one reason or another we sometimes don’t see them again. We could try and guess or put pieces together from fleeting snippets they tell us, but we’re only concerned about how we can offer our guests a magical experience. As long as we’re not hurt, physically or mentally, and you leave a satisfied customer, that’s what matters. We simply cannot be held responsible for your disappointed mother or hurt partner – that’s not our job. Imagine if we were shop assistants at JB HiFi and you spent thousands on the latest surround-sound technology. It wouldn’t be our problem if your wife felt that money should have been better spent, and demands you sleep on the couch for a week!

Next time you think of brothels and have visions of sleazy men having orgies behind their partner’s back, think of the more realistic customers who visit, who are the majority. Men who yearn for a more suited (to them) sex life but dearly love their wives and therefore won’t consider having an affair; men who have endured setbacks at work or at home and simply want to escape into a fantasy world for a little while; men who don’t have a sex life at all because they think, quite wrongly, their physical appearance is not attractive to a casual or long-term partner; or men who don’t want to shock their partner into leaving due to their unusual fetish. Without an outlet to express themselves sexually, it is entirely possible that any of these men would fall into a dire depression.

I don’t expect that I can change the mind of a nation with just this one blog post, but I do hope that I can encourage you to consider my version of the diverse range of people who frequent our business and why they do. Then you may see that we aren’t in the business of fuelling sex addiction – we’re simply providing a necessary service with a great deal of kindness and a touch of charm.