Take Memories,
Leave Footprints

This is the deeply personal love-story of a woman of soul and substance who has defied expectations and whose story inspires us to do the same.

The book is a sweeping love-story through time, continents and diverse cultures. Like a modern-day Marco Polo, Lily invites you to look over her shoulder as her heart-stirring journey evolves, beginning as a child exiled to a bitterly cold village in far north China. Viewed through her child’s eyes, her innocence of the horrors the family endures there will touch your soul.

We journey with her family as they’re rehabilitated, and into her private world as she faces life alone after her beloved parents pass away. But this is far from a sad story, it is one full of humour, written with a sublime gift for visual imagery. It’s about family, a young woman growing in sophistication, her first love lost then miraculously found again twenty years later, and of living life between.

We follow her relationships around the world and readers will find something within the pages of her book that occasionally plays a sad chord or evokes a personal memory. But above all, she will warm your heart as she often stumbles, then steps with increasing confidence from horror to happiness on her roller-coaster life. Her story is sure to put Lily Yang’s name alongside the more interesting “madams” of our time.

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Cover for Lily Yang's book Fishing for Kippers

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Fishing for Kippers

Thinking about parking the prius in the garage of love? Forget sex education from internet porn...

Inside this cheeky educational guide, Lily reveals her secrets for negotiating the tricky taboos of brothel etiquette, as well as a few tips for more traditional sexual pursuits. This is a little book written for all the hapless or hopeful men trying to make sense of the bewildering Secret Women’s Language as they plan their next assault on “The Pink Palace”.

She quite properly claims expertise in this minefield by virtue (or lack of it) of being the “magnificent madam” of one of Australia’s best-known brothels, The Cherry Tree Garden. Just as in her best-selling memoir, “Take Memories, Leave Footprints”, Lily’s gift for storytelling is used this time with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as she offers her experience to men on brothel etiquette and in other carnal conquests.

‘A brothel is pretty much the only place on Earth where you’re the centre of attention for a bevy of beautiful women who all want to have sex with you,’ she says.‘Why waste it?’

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Blue Lotus

Lily’s heroine provides an example of what is possible for the human spirit to rise above in the most horrific of worlds.

Lily’s third book is very dear to her heart. This is about the monstrous evil of trafficked children, especially young girls often no more than six or seven years old, who suffer obscene violence in the brothels of Cambodia and elsewhere, sometimes even finishing up in places like Australia. They suffer sexual terrors that steal their childhood, sometimes even their lives; nightmares that leave them emotionally, physically and psychologically scarred for life.

Blue Lotus is a novel based on the life of “Seyla”, a young Khmer girl growing up in Kampot, an area one hundred and fifty kilometres south of the capital, Phnom Penh. The story is set some years after the worst horrors of Pol Pot’s killing fields; then, Cambodia was struggling with another tragedy as Khmer and Vietnamese gangsters ran the country, abandoning the rule of law.

Seyla is a real person. Her story is true. Lily’s book draws on Seyla’s story and the experiences of others which she hopes will draw attention to the heinous crimes still happening to children, robbing them of what most of us take for granted – that as children we are loved, nurtured and kept safe.

Blue Lotus is a novel about hope as well as horror. Lily’s artistry as a storyteller is on display in this riveting book. But more than that, the courage of the little girl she calls Blue Lotus, is as much uplifting as appalling, as Lily’s heroine gives us all an example of what is possible for the human spirit to rise above in the most horrific of worlds.

Blue Lotus will be published later in 2019.

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Proceeds from all Lily’s book sales are donated to the Sunlight Foundation. This is Lily’s own charity which provides funds to rescue, rehabilitate and educate victims of child sex trafficking gangs in Asia.

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