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The Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is a charity built around the promise that every child deserves a childhood. We want you to share our vision of a world in which every child plays, learns and is kept safe from harm.

Sadly, this is not true yet. The loathsome crime of sex-trafficking where young children, young girls, often no more than six or seven years old are bought and sold as trophies to sex-tourists, local officials and businessmen, then passed on to endure more obscene violence in the brothels of our regional neighbours - in Cambodia, Thailand and elsewhere in Asia.

They suffer sexual terrors and brutality that steal their childhood, sometimes even their lives; they experience nightmares that leave them emotionally, physically and psychologically scarred for life. Sometimes, as broken young women they finish up here, in Australia, in the underground, illegal sex industry.

We try to save these children from harm. But rescue alone is not enough – we want to give children the chance to change their own world for good and go further than they dreamed possible, despite their circumstances.

The Sunlight Foundation is independent and secular. We have no membership or affiliation to any political party or religion and I will proudly publish my donors' names should they wish to be recognised for their generosity.

To support The Sunlight Foundation, take action today. I invite all those who wish to help me, to please support my Sunlight Foundation.

The Sunlight Foundation Inc.

A Not for Profit Organisation

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